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Parkmart`s store branding

Начало » Overall Branding » Parkmart`s store branding

We are excited to announce our partnership with Parkmart Supermarkets!

We have branded the supermarket externally and internally, aiming to communicate cosiness and quality to their clients by combining a high range of capabilities, offered by the wide format digital printing machinery.

 Why is corporate branding important?

Because that is advertising – communication and persuasiveness to your clients. Everything is advertising:

1. The logo you wear on your T-shirt.

2. The branded cup you drink your coffee from.

3. The shelf position

4. The organic content in social media of the brands you like and follow.

5. Then there is the ordinary types of advertising – TV, Automobile advertising, Outdoor advertising etc.

Thus, that’s why corporate identity and corporate branding is important. When your customers enter your store they subconsciously interact with your brand. They remember every small detail and feel a certain way. Make them feel home and cosy by implementing a certain elements in your store, which your clients will fall in love with. Talk to them without talking. Use the right colours to influence a certain perception or behaviour.

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