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Printing on fabrics

Начало » Indoor Advertising » Printing on fabrics

With an improved print width of up to 1.8 meters, speed up to 19 square meters and at a 1440 DPI resolution, this textile printer surpasses expectations for quality.

The used inks are water based pigment inks with. The printing process develops at high temperature, without the necessary oxidizer and other transfer aids. The four CMYK color prints, combined with two additional Orange + Blue colors, make it more accurate to reproduce Pantone colors.

Application capabilities are not limited to the textile industry, but also to exterior and interior advertising, interior design, theatrical and studio décor, artistic creativity and fine arts. The technology provides high brightness and color saturation on both sides of the material.

The advantages of printing on textiles compared to any other print media are significant. They are not limited to the best color distribution, smooth tissue delivery, and photorealistic print quality. The safe printing makes the final product absolutely harmless for any home or office, adds more expressiveness and more coziness to the premises.

*printing onto synthetic fabrics;