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Textile prints fabric banner frames

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The textiles that we use at Top Print are eco flag, eco display, canvas, backlit textile. Once printed on them, the ready images can distinguish any interior.

Textile printings are elegant decor decision. The most commonly used textiles are eco display and backlit textile (if the customer wants the frame to be illuminated). The aluminium modules, in which the textile is put on, are easily changeable, allowing you to modify your appearance any now and then.

Fabric banner frames are available single and double sided, as well as a wall-mounted option with backlighting or without. Once the framework is constructed and mounted, the image replacement is easy. Custom sizes are available in any rectangular form, as well as frame color choices. The frame is made from high quality anodized aluminum surface. The fabric is finished with special silicone rubber and inserted into the extrusion channel for a clean and evenly tensioned fit.

Types of profiles: single slim, single, double sided, double sided with backlighting.

Contact our represantatives now, so you could get the best advises in accordance of printing, technologies and pricing.